Linux Managed Services

Many years experience supporting mission-critical linux servers.


If you are running linux servers, then we can help you.We have one of the most experienced linux teams in Romania.

Our services:

Remote server support > Servers need to be maintained or else they'll break down, much like how your car would if it's not serviced. Server management companies support servers remotely using an administrative interface, so that business owners don't have to hire a person in house. We can connect to your Linux server evaluate and resolve the problems that are reported via ticketing tool, email or phone. Combined with remote monitoring this can allow you to focus on your business and not routine break-fix maintenance issues.

Remote monitoring > We monitor your Linux servers and proactively alert you of potential issues, which can eliminate the chance of unforeseen failures or we take act and resolve the issues that arise. The biggest reason companies look for support is to ensure 24/7 services uptime. With the shared support model, you get experts to keep an eye on your servers and rectify issues 24/7 at a low cost.

Performance optimization > Our Linux engineers understand how Linux servers should be configured for different services/applications. We can make changes to kernel parameters and file systems to deliver the best performance. Some businesses have highly specialized software and use customized server systems to meet their needs. Such systems need in-depth expertise, which that can be delivered only by a person working exclusively in those systems.

Linux server administration > We can provide your organization with our staff's capabilities to manage your Linux servers. Software upgrades, patches, security issues and more can be managed to free your staff of the day to day tactical issues that keep them from focusing on more strategic plans. All systems need regular patches and updates. This mode provides a great way for an expert to oversee and execute these maintenance activities, while keeping the support costs low.

Hardware refresh > We can help you by taking a fresh look at your in house strategy. Current cost can be reduced by updating your technology and rolling it into a fixed cost that includes equipment, services, and maintenance. This can allow you to have a simple way to keep your cost locked down while improving productivity with new technology.

Backup & Disaster recovery management > Having a backup of your files is crucial for your business. Whether you have only one location or multiple locations, we can provide managed backup and disaster recovery management solutions for your Linux servers.